Photo of Stormwater Discharge (NPDES Permits)

Stormwater Discharge (NPDES Permits)


Our Stormwater Discharge Focus Area helps public agency clients obtain and comply with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits for municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4).  This Focus Area combines a cross-section of environmental and public law attorneys who are uniquely qualified to counsel cities and other public agencies in NPDES and MS4 matters.  In addition to our advisory work relating to MS4s, we counsel private and public agency clients in a variety of issues involving compliance with the Clean Water Act and Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act. 

Representative Services

NPDES Permitting:  Review and prepare NPDES permit applications and reports of waste discharge.  Represent clients before Regional Water Quality Control Boards during permit issuance proceedings.

Administrative Appeals:  Represent public agency clients in preparing, filing, and prosecuting administrative petitions for review before the State Water Resources Control Board.

NPDES Permit Compliance:  Advise public agency clients regarding the implementation and enforcement of permit terms, including preparation of annual compliance reports.

MS4 Permit Funding:  Advise public agency clients regarding MS4 program funding mechanisms, including reimbursable state mandates.

Enforcement Actions and Lawsuits:  Defend NPDES permit holders in Regional Water Quality Control Board enforcement actions and third-party citizen suits under the Clean Water Act.



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